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Don't get all mad at me

OK, the post below is just for fun to show you how different topic blogs can live together within CEOExpressions.I've just started this blog and I need really to spend some time and focus on what will be useful and helpful.  That being said, the discovery below it is a fabulous tip that stunned me when it actually worked! 

This blog will be irreverent and hopefully interesting.  I will also be asking other ExecuDivas to be guest editors--maybe even a guy or two :-)  
Permalink | Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I am horrible at housekeeping, but I'm no longer "depressed" :-) (Category: Home Diva)

I have a fabulous housekeeping tip for you. (Gentlemen, you will love this one too)

So, I am into deacquisition these days.   I am giving all my furniture to my nieces who are graduating from college and decluttering and streamlining my house and my life. I am buying new, 1950's style furniture and leaving as much floor space empty as possible.  No more "chotskies", only photos I have taken on holiday and family pictures.  That's it.   China? Gone! Crystal? Gone!  Silver? Gone. YAY!!

Well, the other day, I moved my heavy, round french country dining room table that had been sitting in the same spot for ten years. It is going to a niece.Needless to say there were deep, 4-inch diameter depressions where the legs had been.

Something in the back of my brain reminded me of a tip I had read somewhere about putting ice on carpet depressions.  So, I placed large piles of ice cubes on each depression and went to bed.  Nothing to lose I figured.  Well the next morning, the depressions were about 70% gone. I did the ice trick again and after it was dry I vaccumned and Voila!  Carpet depressions gone--after 10 years of a heavy table.  Seriously gone. Is that a good tip or what?    I thought I was going to have to buy new carpet just to get rid of the depressions.    So, I love this tip and I wanted to share it with my friends at CEOExpress. 

Have a better tip?  Post it in comments below.

Permalink | Tuesday, February 12, 2008