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Who is right here? The story of 'WikiLeaks' (Category: General Business)

A site named "WikiLeaks" which purports to be a "Whistleblower" site was closed down yesterday due to a court order. A Swiss bank had won the judgement claiming that confidential, stolen documents had been posted that included personally identifiable information on clients.

Although the US site is no longer able to be accessed, other countries have no such requirement. Here is a mirror site so that you can see for yourself:

According to Wikileaks, "The outcry had followed a complaint by legal representatives of Bank Julius Baer (BJB), a Swiss bank. They accused Wikileaks of having leaked confidential information and details about tax evasion and money laundering by BJB clients in Asia, Europe, South America, and the United States. The lawyers described Wikileaks' existence as "illegal", and that it had no right to publish stolen documents submitted by people."

According to the BBC:  The case was brought by lawyers working for the Swiss banking group Julius Baer. It concerned several documents posted on the site which allegedly reveal that the bank was involved with money laundering and tax evasion. The documents were allegedly posted by Rudolf Elmer, former vice president of the bank's Cayman Island's operation.

BBC Article titled"Whistle Blower site Take Offline"

What do you think? Should sites that publish possibly stolen, confidential information be able to stay in business?
Permalink | Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Blogging in the Business World

Today I am starting a blog to discuss how we can best build our Expert blogging community on CEOExpress.

The community will be made up of two groups. The first group are the official "Expert" Bloggers who will focus on a specific area of expertise. The second group are CEOExpress members at large.

With our new application demonstrated here, we will provide you with the ability to have your own blog and you can decide whether you want it to be public or private. If it is public it can be found directly on the web without having to go through CEOExpress.

These are the "expert" areas that have been suggested, and we are lining up some great experts.

  • Technology/computers/gadgets/security
  • Revenue growth
  • Leadership/strategy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Daily legal issues in business
  • Data Mining for customer growth
  • CEO @ Home: Stress, schools, kids, retirement and more
  • Human Resources: Hiring, benefits, health care cost control.
  • Fraud and Identity Theft issues
  • Social Networking and building and/or maximizing your network
  • US Court decisions and their impact on us
  • An 2008 Election Blog (or two?)
  • A book discussion blog
  • A travel discussion blog

The talent pool is deep and wide and I think we can build a powerful learning community. How about you? Interested in Blogging?  Interested in accessing expertise? Read on...

So the first thing I am going to do is start this blog and get some feedback from you.

PS: not to worry, if you already have a blog, we will set up a system to link to it. You can incorporate your blog into the CEOExpressions page.

Let me know what would be most important to you.

  • When you are at your desk or in your car everyday and think to yourself "I wish I had someone to ask (x)", who would that person be and what kind of answer would you be looking for?
  • How would I use my own blog?
  • Would you like an online tutorial about blogging basics and best practices?

I'd like your ideas, your concerns, you suggestions and your wisdom. I'll be posting all sorts of different things on the blog--rss feeds, video etc so that you can get a good sense of all the things you can accomplish (or not ;-) )on a blog.

Permalink | Thursday, February 14, 2008

'Doing Business In' Series from 'The Economist'

The Economist has launched an audio series called "Doing Business in" various cities around the world.   It is amazingly good.  For instance, if you listen to the audio I have linked below about Dubai, you will find tips on getting through the airport, alcohol drinking protocol, what to eat for lunch and where are the best restaurants. It also talks about shaking hands, meetin protocol, negotiating and more.  Finally, it outlines options for what to do if you have a couple of hours to kill and what is good to shop for as well as what to pack. They are seriously terrific! 

You can find out the secrets of doing business in  twenty cities from Shanghai and Sydney to Washington DC  all of them at the Economist "Doing Business In" section on the Economist.

FYI, there is a ten second advert just before the audio starts.    You can listen online or download it to your MP3 player.

Permalink | Thursday, February 14, 2008